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The Head Quarters of Lady Penelope is based in the south of the Netherlands, since 2005.


P: 0031 (0)6 43 90 80 40
kvk number :63219158

Eva Broekhuijse created the biomimmicry facade element. It is inspired by the adaptability of succulents and the cactus. The round and ribbed surfaces create their own shadow and therefore their own coolness. 

Green and playfull public space area. The Pergolaplace. First nowbody landed at this area. Now you can see the power of (green) design. The place is crowling with entrepeneurs who are at ease and meet each other. You see, design can change behaviour if you give space to needed activities and design for the sense and needs... 

Heemtuin XL,  more than 100 local plants visit this garden...Finally there is a place where you can chill and have a different conversation in nature. Did you know that serotonine levels arise when you spent time in nature? Therefore its important that you leave your office and spent some time here...! Stress flows away here. 







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Green Enterpreneur seatings! 

Cactus Shadow Element!
Coolness appears on your wall! 

Local Plant Garden @ Strijp-S

New Lounge Area @ High Tech Campus.
An informal conversation....
A new perspective and behavoir appears
created by design. 

Two new study & "play" areas. 

Fontys Hogescholen Tilburg
Pabo & Pedagogiek