Sneeky is a crossover between storage and a room divider. As a storage solution, it’s quite flexible. You can turn it into a small closet, an s-shaped closet or even a really big one. It can be extended indefinitely.

Material: Birchwood
Size: height 170cm, width one module 60cm.
Colour: All colours possible


Inspiration story: Untamed furniture in the wild living room savannah
Lady Penelope has found a great viewing spot. Hidden in the deep-pile grass she is spying through her binoculars. Before her, an exceptional phenomenon unfolds: untamed furniture in the wild living room savannah.
Two block-benches are in the midst of performing an intensive mating ritual. The male bench takes his blocks and shapes them into a love seat pattern to show he’s for real. She answers with a classic one-seater. Playing hard to get, eh?
A dust cloud on the horizon! That can mean only one thing! A troop of pillows galloping over the savannah, the softest swarm ever to leaves a wake of dust and chaos. Climbing-closet KLIM UP seeks protection at a rock face. Lurching as fast as he can, will he make it in time? The parts stack themselves up and tightly hug the wall. Not a moment too soon: the troop passes.
In the chaotic tracks the troop leaves behind lives a typical appearance. SNEEKY the twisting-shelve collects everything of value. When she finds anything worthwhile, the shelve starts twisting itself to shape a place for temporary storage of the valuable item.
Fascinated by everything around her, Lady Penelope forgets the time. Home is a while away and the sun has almost set. But Lady Penelope knows what she’s doing. Using a juicy battery as bait, she suspends her fishing rod and waits… After just 5 minutes she’s caught what she’d hoped for: tug-lamp TRIGGER grabbed her bait. Lady Penelope gives it a brief tug. The lamp, in an age-old defence mechanism, lights up immediately. Lady Penelope walks to her Lady Rover. From the top secret compartment, she takes a good bottle of Champagne, opening it with a pop. Auto Pilot is the designated driver tonight.