Lady Penelope takes over the world!

Design Agency Lady Penelope is about to take over the world with a mix of ingenuity, flair and a good sense of humor. Eva Broekhuijse (1980) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2004 and her partners in crime have joined forces and intertwined their imaginations and creativity. 


Who is Lady Penelope?

From 2005 onward, Lady Penelope creates products  in the fields of interior and exterior design with delight and passion. You can think of interiorarchitecture, exhibitiondesign and design of exterior furniture. The ladies and gents of Lady Penelope work for enterprises like NRC Handelsblad (one of the major Dutch newspapers), Vitalis (a care institution for the elderly) and the Government. Regularly they create their own new collection of interior products. Their designs, like cupboards, dishes and lighting, tiptoe the line between art and design. Some are suited to mass production, others are unique pieces.

Every now and again, the ladies of Lady Penelope lock themselves in their creative laboratory, where they can experiment undisturbedly. With surprising and extraordinary results. The work that Lady Penelope presented during the Dutch Design Week 2006, consisted of products that were somehow subject to change, MODI. Cupboards that bended under the weight of their load, floating flowerpots and a bag that could be worn as a top instead.
One year ahead, during Dutch Design Week 2007, Lady Penelope once again showed their vision on the world with their collection Secret Society: Things aren't always as they appear. How can a stool shed light on matters? Why does the little bench suddenly open to triple in size? The answers are there, for those who know where to look.
Lady Penelope does not stay on home turf forever. Once a year, they travel to Milano, to show their work to an international crowd.


Cool women

Lady Penelope derives its name from two cool women.
First is Penelope, wife to Odysseus and queen of Ithaca. Odysseus left his home for 20 years to fight in the Trojan war. In the meantime, queen Penelope faced a daunting task keeping all her suitors (who thought Odysseus must by now have perished) at bay. Penelope managed to gain time by creating all kinds of ruses. She was an ingenious, beautiful lady.
The second is Lady Penelope of the Thunderbirds, the television series from the sixties. She saves the world driving in her pink Rolls Royce. And does so without ruining her hair. A strong and lady with style.

The agency combines  the two Penelopes features and mix it with a big dose of humor. Just like their examples, Lady Penelope wants to save the world with ingenuity, flair and a good sense of humor.

Partners in Crime

Lady Penelope als creates interior design and concepts for enterprises.  Amongst their clients are: NRC Handelsblad (one of the major Dutch newspapers), Vitalis (a care institution for the elderly), Government, ZLTO (zuidelijke-land en tuinbouw organisatie),  Eindhoven University of Technology, Ratheneau Instituut, Social housing institutions, Grontmij, Sience Park Amsterdam, FONTYS HOGESCHOLEN, Brainport Development, Park Strijp-S.



Maaike en Arjan, SBH Architecten, Wendy en Marian (Vitaliszorggroep), Marieke (IVN), Chantal, Romina en Cees,  Marten Witkamp (Woontransitie Hackathon), Bas, Boudewijn en Ruud, Wikke en Frits (Buurtcultuurfonds) 
Ton, Wouter, Gert, Carina, Ruud, Ernst, Bernd, Victor, David, Silke, Petra, Krista, Detlef, Ingrid, Joris, Rene, Frank, Jannie, Cesarine, Frans, Elvira, Rien, Marian, Marcel, Rosalie, Jeske, Rob, Samira, Brit, Maud, Bram, Carina, Loek, Joris & Nicolette ( Desque interior concepts), Architectuur Centrum EIndhoven

 (nice neighbours), Monkeytree,  TAC  Temporary Art Centre, Gemeente Eindhoven, Design Academy Eindhoven, NV Rede, Design Platform Eindhoven, Kunstenaars&Co, BNO, and all our great collegues.

Thanxxx for your support, advice and your joyfull personalities!
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






We Lovee ingenuity, flair
and a good sense of humor..

and we also Lovee...
well & creativity,

nice moods & nice environments,
colour, green, crafts and prints! 
Get into your creative flow with us. 


Eva Broekhuijse 


Working with small budgets and

tide deadlines is one of 
LADY PENELOPE specialities.


TWINZZ > 29,95 euro !

Twinzz Magnetic Flowerpot. 
Your window  will be a floral expo!


TWINZZ magnatic flowerpot!
One half inside, one half outside! 
TWINZZ is designed for

double glazing.